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The ninety-two images in Juxtaposed were taken over a fifteen year period in fifty different villages, towns and cities-thirty-eight in the United States, two in Canada, three in France, three in Italy and four in the United Kingdom.

My intent in juxtaposing the images in these forty-six pairs, was to broaden the content, context and depth of each of the individual photographs.

All of the ninety-two images in this portfolio are made up of multiple shots, in which the individual pictures form a grid, each photo overlapping a bit with those adjoining it. Thus I can print any of these images in much larger sizes–contact me (heath@heathpaleyphoto.com)for further information.

The Juxtaposed images are now available in a boxed set composed of ninety-two, 12 by 12 inch prints. Contact me (heath@heathpaleyphoto.com) for more information.

Porta San Miniato–Approaching A City
Waiting To Cross–Room At Night
280 Main Street–Porthole
Bait Processor–Money Processor
Ellsworth Gallery–Munjoy Heights
Booths–Saviour's Church
17 Rue Houdart–Quebec Street
Kneeling–Kneeling Reprised
Machigonne II–Gangway
Morning Glories–Dog Bags
Subway Entrance–North Charles
Great Hall–Yellow
235 Lisbon Street–240 Lisbon Street
The Times–Sidewalk Comment
Bridge No. 27–Merge
Chimney Work–Skating
Nash Ambassador–Portland Parking
Pont Neuf–Window Wedding
Jimmy J's–Roadside Cafe
Monhegan Church–Front Yard
Uneeda Biscuit–The Mural Painter
Morning Bench–Boots
Sidewalk In A Small City–Stearns
South 22–88 Madison
Table In The Sun–Booth On Broadway
Fort McClary–Metro
Curtains–Brakes & Shocks
Hotel Beale–Out Back
Chiesa di San Cristoforo–Connection Church
1 India Street-2011–1 India Street-2019
The Chicken Coop–Lotaburger
The Drug Store–1918
Monday Morning–Waiting For The Light
American Village–The High Line
Lincoln Mill Clock–Colgate Clock
Main Street–Delta 88
Pueblo Bonito–Urban Carpet
Saint Louis Cathedral–Jesus Is Waiting
Victoria & Albert–Hudson Yards
Outskirts–Portland Rain
Leaving Jacksonville–Curved
Winging It–Don't Die Wondering