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Packing The Moment

I stitch my photos together by overlapping individual shots in a gridĖlayering them into the final image. I also use focus stacking to enhance the depth of field in the individual pieces of the grid, prior to the layering process, therefore my composite prints can contain as many as 100 individual photographs.

Iíve chosen and refined this involved process because it faithfully represents the content of whatever Iím photographing. First, Iím not confined by the cameraís formatĖI can shoot as many shots in whatever layout fits the scene. Secondly, the detail and depth of field mimic the way the eye/brain combination interprets what itís viewing, in a way impossible for a single camera shot to do. Most importantly, I end up with lots of pixels so my prints can be both large and high resolution, thus immersing the viewer in the detail of the scene.

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Heath Paley
Portland, Maine

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Courthouse Gallery Fine Art
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