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Desert Storm
Desert Storm
Desert Storm
Item#: Desert-Storm

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Location: Red Rock Canyon Nat. Conservation Area • Date: 6/1/09 • Standard Print (w & h): Image: 74.8" x 18.0"

This image of a storm, taken looking east from Red Rock Canyon, is composed of 12 individual shots taken at 280mm. I left my hotel for Red Rock at 3:30 AM to get the sunrise hitting the mountains on the west side of the Park Loop Road. On the way out of Las Vegas, it started to rain, and I thought, "A rain storm in the desert–what luck." My dismay increased when I got into the Canyon and found that the gates to the Loop did not open until 6:00 AM about an hour after sunrise. I drove to the scenic turnout/picnic area about midway through the canyon and started to set up my tripod, hoping that I could catch some light on the mountains. When I heard a noise behind me, I turned around and saw the yellow in the sky to the east shining through the now visible sheets of rain. I ran with my tripod and camera already setup a quarter mile or so toward the east to an overlook which had an unobstructed view of the sky. Just as I got there, the sun rose completely above the mountain, and blasted full force through the storm.