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Location: Winchester, Massachusetts Date: 1/16/10 Standard Print (w & h): Image: 42.0" x 14.0"; Paper: 48 x 16"

This image of a lumber yard taken while passing through Winchester, Massachusetts on the Amtrack Downeaster is composed of 7 individual shots at 70mm, which I took about an hour after sunrise. I was riding on the Downeaster to Boston so that I could photograph while walking around the city, and had already shot a number of images (From My Seat and Roll On). By this point I had my tripod set up on the floor and seat between me and the window, and was looking for interesting things to shoot, when I saw the lumber yard approaching. The yellowish lines are the lumber that was piled on racks on the side of one of the buildings. I shot the seven images with a shutter speed of .5 seconds with the auto focus set in the servo mode and the shutter set in the rapid fire continuous mode./p>