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I love photography. Partly this is because photography takes me out, whether to Manhattan or Bryce Canyon–out of doors, out of my daily environment, out of myself. This is crucial. Recently I stayed with a friend who was leaving for Sunday Mass just as I returned with my camera pack and tripod. He asked where I had been. “Out to worship,” I replied. He laughed. I was serious.

Partly this is because I connect to the world through the camera. The colors, the quality of the light, the detail–elements often missed unless they become the focus of attention, elements which draw me directly into the landscape, bind it to me, to my past, to whatever I bring to the scene before me.

My images are assembled on the computer from individual shots. When behind the camera I see the pieces, but the entire composition resides only in my mind. Watching the whole come together on the screen; working in Photoshop* to bring out the lighting, the color, the detail; seeing the original inspiration take life–this is the primary draw of photography for me. I love the thrill of recreating the excitement of my initial glimpse at a tiny piece of the place where we live.

Photography is also a means of discovery, and in these prints I explore various objects and places that attracted my attention. Initially, I might have been drawn by color, or peculiarity, or even because other artists and photographers have focused on similar subjects. However, by following the path provided by light and detail as well as color, I have tried to create images that draw people in, almost immerse them, in more intrinsic aspects of the scene. My goal is to expand perceptions about where we live, what is before us, and about the context and texture of our lives.

As mentioned above, all of these prints are stitched together from multiple full frame 35 millimeter shots. They are composed of as many as 30 individual images. Stitching multiple 35 millimeter shots together allows me to combine the portability and extensive equipment selection of the 35 millimeter world, with the high resolution of large format photography. Stitching also allows me to tailor the form factor (the width and height) of the final image to the scene not by cropping (which removes resolution) but by choosing the adequate number of shots to fully portray the subject I am photographing. In other words, by stitching images together, I can carry around a relatively light equipment bag and yet still end up with large-scale prints that are full of detail.

These images are being offered in signed, limited editions of 10 prints. Unless otherwise arranged, they are printed on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250 GSM) using an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printer and the Epson K3 pigment ink set. The provenance of each print (i.e., the printer, ink, and paper used as well as the image size and the print date) will be listed on the lower-right corner of the back of the print.

All of these prints can be printed in any size (larger or smaller) as long as the proportion between the width and the height remains the same. If you would like a print in a different size, it will be priced accordingly. To order a custom sized print please contact me via email or phone.

All of the images on this site are displayed in sRGB, which has a fairly limited color gamut (the range of colors contained within the color space), but which is also the only color space automatically recognized by most computer monitors. The image files are actually stored and worked on in LAB, which is the color space with the largest color gamut. This means that the printed versions of these images will have a larger range of color then the images displayed on this site. The resolution of the printed images is also much finer. The images are displayed at 72 dpi (dots per inch), but the images are printed at 300 dpi, or in almost all cases much higher, so that the printed versions will contain finer detail then those that are displayed here. This disparity in resolution is due to the fact that the vast majority of computer monitors are not capable of displaying greater then 72 dpi.

I welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have.

Heath Paley

* Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated

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Shipping Information: All prints are rolled around cardboard tubes and are suspended in corrugated boxes for shipping. Prints are sent via the USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise requested.

Prints are normally shipped within one week from the receipt of the order.