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From My Seat
From My Seat
From My Seat
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Location: Kittery, Maine; Date: 1/16/10; Standard Print (w & h): Image: 46.0" x 14.0"

This image of the dawn while passing through Kittery, Maine on the Amtrack Downeaster is composed of 4 individual shots taken at 70mm, which I took about a half an hour before sunrise. I was riding on the Downeaster to Boston so that I could photograph while walking around the city. It was 5:45 in the morning, and I was thinking about where I wanted to walk and what I might shoot, when this pink/purple glow filled the car. I realized I needed to get my camera out quickly. These are the first hand held shots I have done in years. I took 4 of them at a shutter speed of 1.5 seconds while panning along with the movement of the train. The telephone, hill and buildings actually repeat twice in the final image, but the transition from black through orange/yellow/red to purple/blue in the sky is a treat.